Toppen bliver skåret af priserne på familiebiler

Some become more expensive, but most Danish will gain access to cheaper cars. Bilstyle.dk brings a big overview of the consequences.

In many cases it is cheaper to buy a new car. Especially cars from the small middle class upwards fall in price, so there is money to save here, good new car happy people. The longer the car runs per liter, the cheaper – and five stars in Eurocap will be especially rewarded. While fuel-absorbing and less secure models become more expensive.

The fall in prices has led to a lot of bustle among Danish car importers who are busy driving the new cars to retailers. Retailers have quickly calculated new prices, while many businesses report large amounts of customer traffic after a period of almost no car sales.


The new agreement means the following: The lowest tax rate of 105%. lowered to 85 per cent. The high tax rate of 150 per cent. preserved at its current level. The scale for when the high rate enters into force is raised from the current 106,600 kr. To 185,000 kr. An earlier deduction for safety equipment such as airbags, ABS and ESC of a total of 11,370 kr. Will be removed while a deduction of 8,000 kr. for cars that have the maximum 5 Euro NCAP stars. It was earlier at 2,000 kr. In addition, there is a deduction of 3000 kr. For cars with harness alarm.

Fuel economy

Cars with poor fuel economy receive an increased tax surcharge that rises from 1000 to 6000 kr per km / l. Here, the petrol cars receive a tax surcharge of DKK 6,000 per km / l, they drive below 20 km / l, and diesel cars with an equivalent amount per km / l under 22 km / l. The figures were previously 16 km / l and 18 km / l respectively. While they are rewarded with DKK 4,000 per km / l for what is above.

micro cars

The most widely used microphone, VW Up, thus rises from $ 89,995 in the cheapest edition to $ 92,746, while the more popular five-door edition rises by modest 604 kr.

Worse, it looks like more of the other micro cars on the market. Now take the brand new Kia Picanto 1.0 Advance, which rises with $ 4,997 to a total of £ 119,996, while the Hyundai i10 Touch 1.0 ECO rises from $ 5,720 to $ 115,715. Toyota Aygo rises as a result of the new car taxes up to 7,000 kr. and Citroën C1 Feel with 82 hp will increase by 8,000 kr. from the current 89,900 kr.

The main reason why VW Up rises relatively little is that it gets a deduction for its five stars in Euro NCAP, which none of the other cars have in addition to the technically identical Seat Mii and Skoda Citigo.

mini cars

In the larger mini-class, which has over the last few years won several car buyers, there are generally a few thousand dollars to save. The classic Peugeot 208 in the Desire Sky 1.6 hdi version drops $ 5,000 to $ 154,990. Even the little charming Mini Cooper has become cheaper so the basic version now costs $ 231,693 against before $ 244,500 and Audi A1’s now is down in 205,570 kr. with 95 hp gasoline engine – it’s 12,068 kr. less than before.

Note, however, that the brand new Suzuki Swift does not benefit from the new charges at all, due to the fact that it is unable to access the five-star safety crash because it has only four of its kind.

On Ford’s brand new Fiesta, the tax change means a price drop of up to $ 7,870 (Fiesta Vignale). A Ford Fiesta Titanium 1.0 with 100 hp now costs 164,540 kr. – a saving of 4,230 kr. If you move down to the basic models, which typically cost around 130,000, there are virtually no savings on any of the minibuses.


While the electric cars are not affected by the changes, both hybrid cars and the more advanced plug-in hybrids benefit from the new way of calculating tax. They are both rewarded for driving a long way, because they usually have five stars in crash tests, and they are typically more expensive than the more common versions, thus benefiting from the fact that taxes are generally lowered.

Volkswagen Golf GTE and Passat GTE drops 57,000 DKK, so the golf is now landing at only 307,000. Two years ago, the price was a total of 426,000 DKK. Toyota’s classic hybrids are also reduced prices, a C-HR hybrid with top equipment dropped by 57,000 DKK. Now available for DKK 280,000. The smaller Auris and Yaris hybrids are also pretty well priced.